Green - The colour of renewal + surprise gift

Green, the colour of natures renewal, has soothing and relaxing influence on us. No wonder green is the natural choice for things associated with healing, growth, harmony, and calmness. Throughout centuries humans have drawn energy from the nature. Spring time with new growth, which symbolises the rebirth of the nature, is especially revitalising and energising. From a colour psychology perspective, green creates positive emotions such as balance and harmony, as well as hope.

Natures shades of green reduce stress and improve concentration, which is why many people have a natural need to decorate their homes with indoor plants, hence allowing them to enjoy these benefits also during the winter months. Houseplants are said to reduce anxiety, help creativity and concentration, purify air, improve sleep, and even to accelerate healing.


Even more significant than the benefits of plants on our physical well-being are the benefits we gain for our mental health. Spending time in nature empowers us and helps us to collect a calmer and a more positive outlook on things. Green rejuvenates us when we are physically, mentally or emotionally exhausted. People who go outside daily are less likely to be depressed or stressed, and therefore not as emotionally distressed, as their counterparts who stay indoors.


Now get your own green benefits by downloading this free graphic with lush plants and a growth quote, or create your own quote with this beautiful background.



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