Teresa KlugeComment

Free images website update

Teresa KlugeComment
Free images website update

Ever more designers and advertisers are using free imagery for their works. At Lum3n we are dedicated to providing modern creatives the best possible imagery regardless of the price. Therefore we have adjusted our free imagery policy and created a new licensing model, which allows us to offer even more high quality imagery free of charge. We are launching a new license type on our website with plenty of imagery for free download. The images are marked with a blue stamp and can be used for private and commercial purposes.

Stamp blau Kopie.png

Lum3n Free Image license:

  • Free download
  • Free for private and commercial use
  • Available only at lum3n.com
  • Attribution required
  • Distribution of image for further download prohibited
  • Sales of image as stock photo prohibited

In the next weeks we will work on adding lots of great images for free download under the new Lum3n Free image license. Check in on our page regularly not to miss out any new uploads and don't forget to check out our blog posts to discover hidden gems of free images.


See just some of our new free images: