The wilderness is calling, and we must go - Best free images

Camping is a great leisure time activity. There are just so many advantages to camping! Getting a break from the civilisation and a chance to meditate or spend time with your family is certainly what most people hope from a vacation or a weekend getaway. No better way of doing that than sleeping in the fresh air under the stars. No disturbances from digital world. Bonus points for spotting wildlife.


Spending time around campfire has it's very own charm. There is something soothing about staring into the flames when the darkness surrounds you and you only hear the cracking and sizzling of the wood. And food has never tasted better that cooked on the self litt campfire after a long day outdoors.

Outdoor activities give us a chance to get our hands dirty. Children do it naturally, and adults can profit from the sensory experience just the same. Chopping wood and building a shelter can offer a welcome balance to office work, and you get to see the fruits of the labor right away.

The great outdoors, here we come! Getting in touch with the nature is when our souls can recover from past winters work and study. To ease your longing for the wilderness we have assembled together a selection of our best free camping and outdoor imagery. Choose your pic and download for free commercial use.



"And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul"




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