5 ways to capture your customers attention with this free image set

Imagery really is one of the most important, if not THE most important part of a visual statement. A captivating image is what catches a viewers attention and ignites interest to continue exploring further content. Good imagery, especially free such, is hard to come by. Trying to imagine how a particular image could be used in a compelling way is even harder. That's why we decided not only to create a professional photo series for you for free, but also to provide you with easy and exciting ways to use these images.


This top view series of ridiculously stylish grey, yellow, and white office scene was created especially for bloggers and businesses, and is free for commercial use. The high resolution images are versatile in their usage and allow space for your own text or a headline. With a few simple modifications you have yourself a real eye candy, customised for your own personal needs, and ready to dazzle your potential customers! Let's explore how to use an image to it's full potential and help you grow your business. Images available for download at the bottom of the post.


Tip 1: Add Headline 

Try out different fonts and font sizes for different styles. Varying between bold and slim lettering helps to highlight key words in your statement.



Tip 2: Use image as a background for text in your printing products

This image series is photographed in high quality, which means it can be used for brochures, postcards, flyers, and other printing products. Try stretching an image across the entire container for a bold and modern look. Switching between dark and light font colour adds contrast between text and background.



Tip 3: Crop images for your social media marketing

Crop sections of images for your next update. Try out frames, shapes, and font combinations to highlight short statements for your social media audience. Modify colours and contrast to adjust images to your overall theme.

Tip 3-1.jpg
Tip 3-2.jpg


Tip 4: Add an overlay

Overlays are not only modern and stylish, they are also a great way to direct the viewers attention to a statement. Experiment with colours, transparencies, and gradients to achieve your desired look. 

Tip 4-2.jpg


Tip 5: Create a collage

Create tiles alternating with images and written information. Try out different sizes and shapes. How would this collage look if the tiles were honeycomb shaped? Use bold fonts for your main statement and smaller text for additional information. 



Now it's your turn to create irresistible visual content!

These tips don't just apply to this photo series, but can be used for the photos you already have or are about to purchase.


Download images here:

Just download the images below or check out our Free Images section for more photographs. 

Images in this blog post are released under CC0 license. Attribution not required but greatly appreciated.

Hope you enjoyed this image series!


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